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And then there were 4

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Clover has left Thira. We don’t need to get in the why, or even the how. No, he did not punch us in the junk and run out laughing. Though we would have had to respect him for that if he did 🙂

What is important is the “What is next?”  3 important things:

1. We are still playing shows

2. We are still booking shows

3. We are now looking for another guitarist

What do we ask of you guys? Nothing but to keep with us as we keep moving forward. And if you or anyone you know digs what we do and wants to join us as a guitarist, drop us a line at

Oh, you can always come out to the Garage 9/25. We have discounted presale tickets and would love to get you a couple.

Do not fret, do not worry. We’re not going anywhere but up.


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August update

August 8, 2010 Leave a comment

What a fantastic month July was.  3 shows, we finally got the EP, we got the shirts in time for the garage.  I mean, yeah  our elevator was broken for the Rock show and we had to haul all our stuff down 3 flights and then we played in a tornado for the Station 4 show… but other than that it was awesome.

We’d like to take a minute to thank everyone again for coming out and showing us support.  A special shout out to Brandie for doing a fantastic job at the merch booth.  She moved twice as much stuff as we would have without her.  We really appreciate it.

We’re #2 on Reverbnation for Minneapolis Metal!  Man it feels good to say that.  Ok. Now on to #1!  Go.

One more thing: we are working on new material! So stick around boys and girls!


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