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Shows, shows, shows and …

Shows, shows, shows and …

New material!  We weren’t kidding.  Oh man!  3 new shows!!!  Plus we’ll be back at the Garage in 3 weeks!!!  So much goings ons… just writing and booking, writing and booking, and…. well you get the idea.

Here is the schedule:

9/25     The Garage                              Burnsville          All Ages           $6/$8

10/8     GROUND ZERO                        Minneapolis      18+                  $6/$8

10/30   The Enigma Skateshop           Shakopee         All Ages           $5

11/5     GROUND ZERO                        Minneapolis      18+                  $10

Oh! We have presale tickets for the Garage show–get them from us and save $2. Plus it makes us look awesome.

We’re working on 2 new songs and things are going swimmingly.  We’ll likely be able to premier them in October!  But we’ll keep you posted.  Even so, we’re leaner, meaner and ready to melt your face!  It’s refreshing to re work the set in this format.  It’s tight, and it opens a few things up for movement on stage.  But we still need a 2nd guitarist, so you know… Beuller?

Thanks again guys and see you out there.  Teaser: street team mission coming soon!! Always a fun warm up: send our thira.bandcamp.com link to all your friends.


Welcome to Thira

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