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Shows, Radio interview and Podcasts

Man… it has turned out to be a hell of a couple of months. We’ve got a lot of stuff to catch you up on, so here goes:

Aztalan Turf put us on her pod cast again (which is awesome!) She made it out to the show Friday and gave a shout on the voice print as well. You can check her out at http://www.aztalanturf.com and get the episode at http://www.aztalanturf.com/podcasts/aztalan-turf-016_2010-10-10.m4a

If you missed it we are also on episode 16, so check that out as well.

We are going to be doing a live interview with Infernal Rock Radio out of Milwaukee. It’s a neat setup, for about an hour they’ll play a few of our songs, several tracks that we’ve picked out and mix in some Q & A. It’ll be Oct 28th at 9PM. We’ll have details up about that soon, or you can sign up for the mailing list at http://www.thiraband.com and we’ll send them right to you. You could even email us questions that you might want us to talk about…

We are heading back to Ground Zero 11/5 to play with GATA and for Niobium’s Farwell show, should be an amazing time.

Live, Loud and Local is coming to town! We are officially a part of this awesomeness, so if you would like a chance to see 30-40 bands plus FLAW & Future Leaders of the World over a whole weekend for only $10, give us a shout. It will be an All Ages show at Robert’s in Moundsview. We will have pre-sale tickets available and will be blowing up the stage! Guess what? They will actually be paying the bands! Weird, I know. We’ll have exact details on this right after this weekend so stay tuned.

Oh, by the by… we are writing again! Bring Your Bruises was a huge success at The Garage and Ground Zero, we’ll be rocking it again at The Enigma 10/30 and we’ll have a little Halloween surprise for you guys 🙂

I know that’s a lot, but will break each event down as it comes up, do not fret. See you guys out there.


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  1. aztalanturf
    November 11, 2010 at 12:04 am

    Thanks for the shout out, Kayden! It was nice to meet you and Arko and you’ll definitely be seeing me at other gigs.

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